To change the post status after printing if the checks are not yet reconciled:

  1. Void selected payments from the banks page using the appropriate check type and the entire check range.
  2. Purge the voided transactions using the same check type and check range.
  3. Reprint the checks with a specified post status.

  1. In Banks, open the Bank Register.
  2. Click  and open one of the checks.
  3. Change the Post status from Do Not Post to Not Yet Posted.
  4. Save and close the check.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each check.

Note:  If the Invoices being paid are set to 'Do not post' and Payments need to be 'Not yet posted', we can change this before printing.
  1. From the Banks page, select 'Print checks and record bank drafts'.
  2. On the General tab of the 'Create Payments' screen, edit the Post Status drop-down menu to be 'Not yet posted' instead of 'From Invoice'.

If the checks have been reconciled:

It is not possible to change the post status of a reconciled check. To update the General Ledger:
1. Create a new manual journal entry  to update the General Ledger for the period when the checks would have been posted
2. Ensure the box for Create bank adjustments when posting to a bank's cash account is UNmarked so that additional entries are not added to the bank register
NOTE: If the box is marked and grayed out, change the business rule
3. Validate the journal entry batch
4. Post the journal entry batch