The following table lists compatibility information between our products when interfacing and using separate database servers for each product. If you are not interfacing, you can run other versions of the software programs than listed below. We test our software for compatibility only on the latest versions. You can also review the system requirements for more information.

The Financial Edge 7.80 Compatibility
ProductVersionAdditional Information
Last updated August 28, 2009.
Blackbaud NetCommunity5.6 
6.10Requires The Raiser's Edge 7.91.40
Online Campus Community2.6Requires Blackbaud NetCommunity patch 9 or higher
3.11Requires Blackbaud NetCommunity 6.10
The Education Edge7.80Because they share a database, The Financial Edge and The Education Edge must be on the same version.
The Information Edge1.80.503.13Partially compatible - if you also have The Financial Edge, FE-Express does not work.
The Raiser's Edge7.81.1334Requires The Raiser's Edge patch 24 or higher.
7.82.1514Requires The Raiser's Edge patch 7 or higher.
7.83.1622Requires The Raiser's Edge patch 1 or higher.
7.85.5026Requires The Raiser's Edge patch 2 or higher.
7.91.36 Requires The Raiser's Edge patch 4 or higher.