IATS has begun communicating to all IATS/Blackbaud clients requiring that they validate their PCI DSS compliance status.  This communication requires IATS clients to confirm that they are using PCI DSS compliant solutions, or face a $19.95 per month fine.  Clients will have the option to sign up for PCI validation services with a Qualified Security Assessment (QSA) firm called SecurityMetrics, who will provide assistance and services to help clients become PCI compliant.  Clients will be charged a $99 per year fee for this service, and may opt out of the service if they desire

It is important to note that this is NOT a Blackbaud mandate – this is an IATS/First Data mandate.  The changes that we have made in Raiser’s Edge 7.91, NetSolutions, and BBNC 6.10 will help clients significantly with their PCI compliance efforts (but alone, will not MAKE a client PCI compliant).  Blackbaud does not make specific recommendations about updating to the compliant versions of our products.  Contact SecurityMetrics for further guidance.

SecurityMetrics can be reached by phone at (800) 557-4684, and online at www.securitymetrics.com.