1. In Banks, select Reconcile this account.
  2. Enter your Statement date and Ending balance.
    Note: If this is your first reconciliation, enter a Starting balance.
  3. Click Begin Reconciliation.
  4. Mark the Cleared? checkbox for all of the cleared payments, deposits and adjustments.
  5. Click Reconcile Now.
     - If the bank account is out of balance, an adjust prompt will appear.
     - If the bank account is out of balance to General Ledger, a prompt appears asking if you wish to continue, but the adjust prompt will not appear.

Reconciled items cannot be unreconciled. If an item is reconciled in error enter an adjustment to correct it, or restore to a backup from before the reconciliation.

With Bank Reconciliation you can reconcile outstanding checks and deposits. Any transactions entered directly into a General Ledger cash account must be entered or posted into the bank reconciliation as adjustments.

For information on reconciling electronically, refer to How to clear transactions electronically.

For more information refer to the Banks Guide (PDF)