1. Create a new Student query of all current students
  2. Save and close the query
  3. Create a second new Student query with the same criteria as the first query
  4. Expand the Activity section on the Criteria tab and select the Activity field
  5. Change the operator from Equals to Not Blank
  6. Save and close the query
  7. In the Query module's home page, select the File menu and Merge
  8. Select the current students query as Query 1 and the current students query with the Activity field Not Blank as Query 2
  9. Select the fourth option to Select records included in Query 1, but exclude records included in both queries, and Merge Now
  10. On the Output tab of the merged query select the fields to show in the results
  11. Run the query, accepting the message that the results will be static and save the query

The results will be records where the Activity tab is blank