The message does not prevent payments from being created; it explains what will be created. 

For example, you would receive this message if you have an employee where the Direct Deposit tab has 2 lines entered, but the net pay is less than the distribution.  If the employee direct deposit tab is set to $2000 into direct deposit checking and remainder into direct deposit savings, but the pay is less than $2000, the net amount will go into the account set to Remainder.  This generates the message Insufficient Funds.

1. Create a back up of your division.
2. Delete the   ##pya*.*,   ##pyw*.*,   ##pyx*.* and   ##pyy*.* files in your Data directory (where  ## represents your division number).  Be sure to delete the IDX files as well.
This is normally located in C:\FundWare\Data.

NOTE:  This will delete all items in the Time sheet, Net Pay Calculation and Bank folders.

3. Select Payroll, Open, and open the Employee Record.
4. On the Direct Deposit tab, make any amount edits.
5. Re-enter time sheets and complete the payroll again.