Error: System.ArgumentException: Invalid activation code specified

The below error may be received when running a Product Flag SQL script:


Msg 6522, Level 16, State 1, Procedure USP_INSTALLEDPRODUCTS_UNLOCK, Line 0
A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user-defined routine or aggregate "USP_INSTALLEDPRODUCTS_UNLOCK":
System.ArgumentException: Invalid activation code specified

   at Blackbaud.AppFx.Platform.SqlClr.InstalledProducts.UnlockProduct(String unlockCode).

The Product Flag SQL script is database specific.  To troubleshoot further:

  • Ensure the database that the Product Flag script is run against is the correct database
  • Double-check the serial number and organization name for the database
    • This information can be found in Help > About for the product

If the issue persists:

Contact Support and reference this article. 

Ensure to include a screenshots of the Help > About screen



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