1. Go to Configuration, select Registrar Setup, select Translation Tables.
  2. Open the translation table in use and select the GPA view.
  3. Here there is an option to include or exclude grade of INC or I from GPA calculations.
  • If the checkbox(es) are unmarked, then the grade and course will be ignored and not included in the GPA calculation(s). 
  • If the checkbox(es) are marked, there are two options:

1. Allow the GPA to include the INC grade in the calculation, using the value entered in the Numeric Equivalent column for that grade


2. In the GPA calculation (Configuration, Registrar Setup, GPA Calculations), can enter INC under Terminate Calculation.  If this is marked, the student will not receive a GPA calculation. Later, if the grade is updated from INC to a specific grade (such as an A), the GPA calculation should be run again for that student so that the correct GPA is then calculated.