This file will contain biographical information for all of the individuals in your constituent database. The table below describes the fields required for this integration file 

The document must be in comma separated format and named the same each time it is submitted (WPOT_integration.csv).  The order of the columns must remain the same for each file you send and it can be submitted as often as once weekly. Most clients choose to submit the file quarterly. After the file has been created it must be uploaded to your FTP folder under the WPOT > DONOR folder.

This file will be created in the Raiser's Edge by doing the following:

1. Choose Export > New Export > Constituent > Export Format - Comma-Separated Values
2. Output the below fields
  • ImportID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Home Address Line 1
  • Home Address Line 2
  • Home City
  • Home State
  • Home Zip Code
  • Spouse First Name
  • Spouse Last Name
  • Last Gift Amount
  • Last Gift Date
  • Total Gift Amount
  •  Extra Field 1
  • Extra Field 2
  • Extra Field 3
  • Extra Field 4
  • Extra Field 5
  • ***NOTE: Files are picked up once you submit. These files will be used in processing the next day's files. If a Donor file is uploaded after 9 AM EST, the use of this file will be delayed by a day.