1. Create a New Payment query
  2. On the criteria tab select:
  • Payment, Payment date, operator between, values are the dates of the time frame of the reconciliation 
  • Payment, Post status, operator equals, value posted
  • Payment, Reversal date, operator greater than or equal to, value is the first day after the bank statement ending date
  • Payment Distribution, Account Number, operator equals, value the GL Cash Account or accounts associated with this bank account 
3. On the out put tab, select the appropriate fields that you want to see in the results.
4. Select the results tab.

Note: This query will show payments that were voided at any time as long as the reversal post date was after the end date of the reconciliation.  Therefore, if time has passed since the date of the reconciliation and more checks have been voided since the reconciliation, those checks will show on the query although they were not included on the Bank Reconciliation Report since at that point in time those checks were not voided.  These checks that were voided after the physical date of reconciliation should be removed from the query to make the query results match the Bank Reconciliation Report results.