We can Export the notes and any other desired fields in Blackbaud Simple Word merge format. When you Export to Excel, the notes will automatically Export into a single column without breaks. If we choose Blackbaud Simple Word Merge, we are able to Export the notes into a Word document and maintain the line break formatting. To do this, use the following steps:

  1. In the Export, go to Tools > Export Options. Change the Format to Blackbaud Simple Word Merge.
  2. On the Output tab, select Notes > Notes. Fill in the desired criteria in the pop up box.
  3. Click Send to Word Merge Wizard on the top middle of your screen.
  4. Word will open. Select the Add-ins tab.
  5. Choose Insert The Raiser's Edge fields and select Notes > Notes
  6. Select Save and Return to RE7
  7. Click Merge Now on the bottom right corner of your Export. The document will show the notes with their line breaks
If you have multiple constituents with notes like this and wish to have them listed more than one constituent per page, in your merge template, set up your merge fields as above, then go to the Insert Word Field toolbar and select Next Record.  Copy and paste your desired merge fields again below where it says <<Next Record>>, and repeat these steps for the maximum number of records it will be able to do per page.  For example, if you think it will be able to do 5 sets of notes per page, then you'll have the original set of merge fields, plus 4 sets of <<Next Record>> with the merge fields repeated.