Note: The automatic synchronization service must cycle through multiple databases sharing the service in the hosted environment. Because of this, automatic synchronization will occur at intervals longer than 15 minutes.
  1. Ensure The Education Edge and The Raiser's Edge databases successfully integrate when performing a manual synchronization. Note: Synchronization must be run successfully at least once before setting up automatic synchronization.
  2. In The Education Edge, select Integration> Set Up Integration with The Raiser's Edge> Databases.
  3. Ensure your Raiser's Edge database is selected.
  4. Mark the option to Synchronize the database every 15 minutes.
  5. Contact Support and reference this article. 
  6. After the case is resolved, log in to Education Edge/Student Information System.
  7. Go to Integration> Setup Integration with the Raiser's Edge> Databases.
  8. Verify that your RE7 database is selected in the dropdown.
  9. Then go back to Integration, click Link records with the Raisers Edge.
  10. Once finished go to Integration, click Synchronize Data. Note: Click Yes if prompted, “This action requires elevated privileges. Do you wish to launch the Blackbaud Administration Console?