All users must be logged out of FundWare to perform these steps:

  1. Log into Division 00 - System Administration of FundWare.
  2. Select System Utilities.
  3. In the Execute Program field, enter GLB008.
  4. In the Switches field, enter 20.
  5. Leave the parameters blank.
  6. Enter today's business date.
  7. Select the appropriate division.
  8. Click Run.
  9. Press S) to Scroll.
  10. Press ENTER through Jnl Entry Type and Name.  Now, you will see the Type and Names of the Journal Entry batches.
  11. Find the Journal Entry that is causing the error and press ESCape.
  12. Press R) to Remove.
  13. Enter the Type and press ENTER.
  14. Enter the Name and press ENTER.
  15. Press Y) for Yes.
  16. Press ESCape and End.
The Journal Entry batch has now been removed.