A WealthPoint OnTime user has 2 different ways of sending files for the WealthPoint OnTime service.
  1. Manually upload a file to the FTP folder on the Blackbaud website.
  2. The customer to have their internal IT staff automatically send the files daily, weekly, etc.
During a setup call with the Target Analytics Data Analyst, you will be given a specified FTP folder for submitting and retrieving your files.  All input files and donor screening files must be uploaded to this folder.  If you do not know the folder used for WealthPoint OnTime, Contact Support and reference this article. .  

The submission file must be loaded to the appropriate FTP folder, into the folder WPOT / IN.  The results will be available on the FTP folder in WPOT / OUT.  

You can also have your internal IT team automate the process of uploading the file to your Blackbaud FTP folder.  Configuring and troubleshooting upload/download automation is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.