Please check the following:
1. Open the record in The Education Edge (within Records)
2. Select the Addresses tab of the record
3. Locate the address row that has the Primary box marked
4. Highlight the row and click the Properties button just above the address list
5. Make note of the Integration ID

6. Open the record in The Raiser's Edge (within Records)
7. Select the Addresses tab of the record
8. Locate the address row that has the Preferred box marked
9. Highlight the row, right click, and select Properties
10. Make note of the Integration ID - does it match the ID from step 5?

If the IDs match, then the addresses are linked and the phone information on the records should match after running Synchronization unless there are exceptions for the record and phone in the Integration Activity Report.  To check for exceptions, select Integration (from The Education Edge), select Integration Activity Report, and run the report for the date that Synchronization completed. 

If there is an exception for the record, the next steps to take would depend on the exception.  Search Knowledgebase for the exception to identify the next steps to take to resolve the issue.

If the Integration IDs of the addresses do not match, then the addresses that are being compared are not linked.  The primary address in The Education Edge (EE) may be linked to an alternate address in The Raiser's Edge (RE) rather than the preferred address.  You can confirm this by reviewing the address properties of any additional addresses on the RE record to find the address with the Integration ID that matches the EE primary address.  To correct the address linking (so that primary is linked to preferred), assuming the main records are linked correctly, mark the address with the matching Integration ID as the primary address by opening the correct address and marking the Primary or Preferred address checkbox.  If the primary address is correct in EE, then make the change in RE.  If the preferred address is correct in RE, then make the change in EE.

If the Integration IDs match and there are no exceptions for the record when running the Integration Activity Report immediately after Synchronization completes:

Contact Support and reference this article.