Ensure you have a valid backup of the division or a copy of the ##csd* files and that everyone is logged out of FundWare.

  1. Log into Division 00 System Administration.
  2. Select System Utilities
  3. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

        Program Name                   AFW800

        Switches                           <blank>

        Parameters                        AFW807

        Business Date                    Use today's date

        Division                  Select the appropriate division.

  1. Click Run.
  2. Press enter at the blue screen.
  3. The DOS prompt appears.
  4. Click anywhere on the black screen to put the cursor next to the data prompt.
  5. At the DOS prompt, type: del tp*.*  (press enter).
  6. Type: dir sye*.* (press enter)  It should say "File not found." If any files are found, print out your error log or call support with questions.
  7. Type: dir   *.sq (press enter).  It should say "File not found." If any files are found, if the dates on them are old, you can type: del *.sq to delete them.  If they are recent, call support, as it indicates a previous reorg did not complete.

(**Be sure to replace ## with your division number in the following steps**)

  1. Type:  copy  ##csd*.*    ##csdold*.* (press enter).
  2. Type:  rename    ##csd*.*    99csd*.* (press enter).   (only use '99' if that is a division you are not using)
  3. Type: rebuild  99csd,##csd   /d  (press enter). You should receive the message "rebuilding of corrupt data completed - records read =  ##.  The number should be higher than zero. There is a record for each GL year and ID type you have on the system.  When complete, it will read 'Corrupt records recovered =  ##".  Note the number of records listed in both instances in case they are needed if there are still problems.
  4. Type:  exit (press enter).
  5. Print out a Date Tables list through Report Manager, General Ledger, System Lists, Date Tables List  to verify they are consistent and as expected. (i.e. are the appropriate years showing and do they have the correct periods? The correct periods are BG for Beginning, one period for each month, rc (for reclass) and CL for closing. There can also be from 1 to 4 adjustment periods labeled a1 through a4).
  6. Test out the procedure that was being run when the error was first received.