For a Constituent based list using a Constituent query in Raiser's Edge
  1. Select Query, New
  2. Select Constituent as the Query type and Dynamic as the Query format
  3. On the Criteria tab, expand NetCommunity and select Email Name
  4. Select Equals as the operator and select the specific email, click OK
  5. Expand NetCommunity and select Email Open?
  6. Select Equals as the operator and select Yes for users who opened or choose No for users who did not open
  7. Select the Output tab and select the fields to display about the constituents
  8. Select the Sort tab to sort as desired
  9. Click Results to see the list/count of records
  10. Select the File menu of the query, then Save to name and save the query for future use
For any type of list (BBNC Version 7.1+)
  1. Log in to NetCommunity
  2. Navigate to Email>Messages
  3. Click the Graph icon of the message in question to expand the honeycomb
  4. Click Export>Details
  5. Filter by Received - these are recipients who received the message, but did not open it
  6. Save the file as a new CSV file if needing to use for a future list