1. Retrieve the file:
    1. Download the zip file from our FTP site (BB45967)
    2. Save the file onto a workstation where The Raiser's Edge is installed. This file contains a summary report and an import file.
    3. Unzip the files (bb546) to a location on your workstation
  2. Use the import file to update constituent records
    1. Add the attribute (BB515)to be imported in Configuration
      1. In Configuration, click Attributes
      2. Create a new constituent attribute
      3. Enter the attribute description appropriate to the append being added (Household Income, AgeFinder, Congressional District Finder, etc.).
        Note: Opening each file to import in notepad will display the attribute category, create the attribute exactly how it is written in the import file. (Do not make any changes to the notepad file or save it after opening).
      4. For the data type choose one of the following:
        • Text: Choose this if the information being returned could be different for every record.
        • Table: If there are only a few different scores that come back (High, Low, etc) choose table.
        • Number: If the results include a number value or number score choose Number.
        • Fuzzy Date: If the scores come back as a date (as in AgeFinder) choose Fuzzy Date.
    2. Import the attributes to the constituent records:
      Note: For complete instructions, refer to How to import constituent attributes (BB8670)
      1. In Administration, click Import Records and create a new Constituent Attribute import.
      2. On the General tab, select Import New Records.
        Note: Mark the Validate Data Only checkbox to validate the import before committing to ensure there are not any issues.
      3. Browse out to the location of the unzipped import file in the What file to you wish to import? field.
      4. Leave the File Layout tab set to the defaults.
      5. On the Fields tab, ensure all fields are mapped (For each Field to import there should be a corresponding Raiser's Edge field).
      6. On the Summary tab, mark the Create exception file of records not updated/imported checkbox and name the file C:\Exceptions.txt and mark the Create control report checkbox and select Preview.
      7. Click Import Now to import the custom append information.