WealthPoint OnTime, the Grateful Patient Solution, and the Enhanced Grateful Patient Solution can return donor information for constituents if a donor matching file is supplied.  

For a match to occur the two records contained in the screening file and the donor file must match on the following:
  1. 5-digit zip code
  2. First 10 characters of address 1  
  3. Last Name 2
  4. First 4 characters of First Name 2
  1. 5-digit zip code
  2. First 10 characters of address 1
  3. Spouse Last Name 2
  4. First 4 letters of Spouse First Name 2
1 All addresses in the submitted and Donor Screening file are standardized (ie. road is processed as rd) before matching occurs.  This increases the match rate when items like street abbreviations don't exactly match between the submitted and Donor Screening file. 

2 If a hyphenated name isn't matched, then the hyphen is removed to help find a match (ie. Jo-Ellen will match to Joellen)

Note: If the donor (or spouse) does not have a full constituent record in Raiser's Edge no past giving information will be returned (this includes spouses).