1. Log into ResearchPoint
  2. Go to Prospects > Wealth and Ratings Data (on the left navigation pane)
  3. In WealthPoint Search History, view the Unresolved Searches
    (If none are listed, click the filter icon and select All from the drop-down, then click Apply)
  4. Click on the Unresolved Search and click Update Search Status on the left navigation bar
  5. When the status changes to Results Ready, click on the search to highlight it and click Retrieve Results from the action bar above
  6. This loads the WealthPoint search results onto the Prospect Record

    Note: If the status does not change to Results Ready and no Job ID is listed, click Cancel and resubmit the search.  If you have a limited number of searches, the cancelled search is automatically credited back to your account.

    If this does not resolve the issue:

    Contact Support and reference this article.  In the notes, include the Job ID of the search, name and lookup ID of the record being searched, and how long the search has been processing.