• To designate a record as a faculty record, mark the Current teacher checkbox on the Bio 1 tab of the record.  If a faculty member exists in the system and is not a current teacher, unmark the current teacher checkbox on the Bio 1 tab of the Faculty/Staff record.
  • To track specific positions held by faculty members, use the Status field. For example, to record a faculty member as an administrator, create a Status of Administrator.
  • Enter an Affiliation on the Bio 1 tab
  • Assign the Faculty/Staff record an attribute.
  • On the Bio 2 tab, assign teachers and staff members departments and positions.
Note: The same Department table used for Course records is used for the Department field on the Bio 2 tab of a Faculty/Staff record.  If you have a non-academic department used for faculty/staff records only, it will be available in the Department filter in NetClassroom for the Course Catalog.