1.       Have all users sign out of FundWare.
2.       Launch Windows Explorer.
3.       Browse to the FundWare>Data directory.
4.       Locate and delete all CSZ #### files.
5.       If you are running version 7.30, download and install hotfix 21779, available on the Support web site for version 7.30.

The CSZ files can also be deleted by running a program in 00 System Administration:

1.  Verify that you have a good backup and that all users are signed out of FundWare. 
2.  Select File, Open Fundware.
3.  Verify that 00 System Administration appears in the drop-down menu and click OK.
4.  Select System Administration, System Utilities.
5.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen: 
            Program Name           AFW800
            Switches               <blank>
            Parameters             AFW807
            Business Date          Use today's date
            Division               Select the appropriate division.
            Click Run. 
6.  Hit enter at the blue screen.
7.  The DOS prompt appears.
8.  Click anywhere on the black screen to put the cursor next to the data prompt.
9.  At the DOS prompt, type: del csz*.* (press enter) 
10.  Type:  exit (press enter)