All users must be logged out of the Fundware Accounts Payable module before proceeding with these steps.

After completing the following procedures, you will need to return to your Paid folder, and remark or void the obligations again that you were trying to reconcile or void.
  1. Remove the Reconciliation in process file from the Data directory.  Any reconciliation or voids that have not been posted will have to be reentered.

    Use Windows Explorer or DOS to delete the ##OCR*.* files (where ## is your division number.)There will be two files to delete.
  2. In Classic Fundware System Utilities System Management Execute
    Program OCW900
    Switch <blank>
    Parameter: blank

    a. Answer YES to Are your entries correct.
    b. Answer YES to Are you sure you want to do this.
    c. When prompted "Reposting complete!!
    d. Press Enter.
    e. Press Esc to return to the menu.
  3. The process of reconciling checks has not been completed. Post your reconciliation or void your payment.