1. Log in to Division 00, System Administration.
2. Expand Security and select Users.
3. Highlight the user and click on Edit.
4. At the bottom of the Edit User screen, select the division and select the Module, then click on Customize Basic Security.
5. Expand Category and expand Item.
6. In the Customize User Access column for each Task, make the correct selection for rights:

a. Same as workgroup 
b. Always Allow
c. Always Deny

7. Click OK to go back to the User and either click OK to exit and save the user, or continue selecting rights.

FundWare also has an Advanced Security Option that will allow you to define security to the Account level. For more information on Advanced Security please see the User Guides located in the FundWare Data Folder, or view the FundWare User Guides located on the website.