1. Go to System Utilities, Special Processing, System Prompt.
  2. Type:  copy  ##ocl*.*   oldocl*.* (press enter).  (where ## is the 2 digit division number). 
  3. Type:  rename    ##ocl*.*    99ocl*.* (press enter).   (only use '99' if that is a division you are not using)
  4. Type: rebuild  99csd,##ocl   /d  (press enter). You should receive the message "rebuilding of corrupt data completed - records read =  ##.  The number should be higher than zero. There is a record for each GL year and ID type you have on the system.  When complete, it will read 'Corrupt records recovered =  ##".  Note the number of records listed in both instances in case they are needed if there are still problems.
  5. Type:  exit (press enter).
  6. Attempt to perform the Accounts Payable process again.