Running the script below will remove the deposit with the blank batch number. 

1. Ensure all users have exited FundWare and that you have a valid backup of the database.
2. Ensure that the database is running on the server with local admin rights.
3. Go to the DOS prompt (easiest way is from Start>Run - type cmd at the "open" field)
4. At the DOS prompt, type in:

C:\>osql -E <Hit Enter> (Note: this is case sensitive and there is a space between osql and -E)
1> use afw##  (replace ## with your division number)
2> go
1> delete from fiatransaction where (runorbatch is null)
2> go
(# rows affected)
Type: exit

If the receipt is still in the Posted folder, it can be deposited again.  
To correct the out of balance General Ledger batches/trace reports, please follow the instructions in Knowledge Base solution BB708707.