Note: Ensure there is a valid backup of the database.

Before performing the following steps, run OTS970, 1, N and OTS971, 1, N, to confirm there are no discrepancies in the files. Also attempt clearing AP flags before resorting the the following steps:

1. Select the Invoices that need to be removed
       Note: It may be necessary to transfer the obligations to the invoice folder.
2. Click Void.
3. Void the desired transactions.
4. Go to the Voided folder.
5. Post the Voided transactions.

Note: If the same transactions have already been posted to General Ledger the voided transactions need to be reversed in order to prevent duplicate entry.
1. Go to General Ledger.
2. Expand Journal Entries.
3. Select Posted.
4. Enter the date for the Business Date the Voided transactions were posted.
5. Click Find Now.
6. Select the Batch that was posted for the Voided transactions.
7. Click Reverse
8. Enter in any desired references.
9. Click OK.