1.  Open Financial Institutions and select Maintenance.
2.  Highlight the bank name, click Edit and select the Account tab.
3.  Mark By Use in the Association section, make sure the module Accounts Payable is highlighted below and click on Edit.
4.  Under User Options, type in the last check/control number used in the Last Check Number field.  If you want the next check/control number to be 999, you would type in 998 for the last check number.  If this field in not available to change, click on the drop-down above this field and change to User Numbered. 
5.  Click OK, click OK again  and click on Close to exit this screen.
6.  Make sure to close out of Accounts Payable to refresh the screens, the open AP and process the invoices.

Alternative solution:

  1. In the menu bar, select File, Open FundWare,  Select Division 00 System Administration,  Allow the business date to default to today's date, Click OK.
  2.  The System Administration (00) Window will display.  In the menu bar, select  System Administration, System Utilities.
         Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
         Program Name                 ocw208
         Switches                          20
         Parameters          <leave blank>
         Business Date          Use today's date
         Division                      Select the appropriate division.
         Click Run.
  3. Select C to change and enter your bank.  (***If you do not know what to type in for your bank, type in S to Scroll instead of C and press Enter.  You will see a list of all AP banks.  Notate how your bank is displayed under the Bank column on the left side of the screen.  If you bank has letters in it, you will need to enter it with capital letters.  After you know how to enter you bank, press ESC, and select C to Change.)
  4. Select field 5 to change.
  5. Change the Last Number to equal the number just before the number that your next check will be.  Example:  if your next check number will be 15806, you will need the Last Number to be 15805.
  6. Continue to hit your Enter key, type 0 to accept.  The bottom of the screen should read "Bank has been changed".  You can then press ESC, and End.