In order for an imported batch to show in the Imported Journal Entry folder, the batch name and description fields must have data in them.  These are the 3rd and 4th records on the row labeled type 1.  This row should look as follows:

1|journal name|posting date|batch name|description

Please note the max characters allowed for batch name is 5 and description is 30.

You must also confirm that your system setup allows imported transactions to be saved. In order to confirm this you must log into Division -00 System Administration, System Utilities.

1. Run Program GLS106, 20, N
2. Select the division you are importing into. Click Run.
3. Select C for Change and enter field 1 to be changed. Press Enter.
4. Confirm that the  'Save Imports' line is set to Y. If it is not, change the N to Y and enter through the lines.
5. Press 0 to accept, Press Enter, and select E to End.