This error typically means that there is insufficient space on the hard drive.

1.  Make space on the drive for the current backup:
     a.  Relocate some of the backup folders from FundWare\Data\Backup to another location.  Use a different partition on the hard drive, or a completely different hard drive.
     b.  Another suggestion is to delete some of the backup folders if they are obsolete.

2.  When additional space is available, attempt the backup procedure again.

If there is sufficient space on the hard drive, reset permissions to the FundWare folder by completing the following tasks:

      a.  Select Start -> Run.
      b.  At Open, type RegEdt32.
      c.  Click OK.
      d.  Select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on Local Machine page.
      e.  Expand the Software folder.
      f.   Highlight the FundWare folder.
      g.  Select Security -> Permissions from the main toolbar.
      h.  In the Name section, highlight the group that the user is in, i.e. Everyone, Admin, etc.
      i.   Verify Full Control is granted in the Permissions section.
      j.   Click Advanced.
      k.  In the Permission Entries section, highlight the group that the user is in.
      l.   Mark the checkbox to Reset permissions on all child objects.
      m. Click Apply.

3. Review the Errorlog located in the \Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\LOG folder.  Verify that the folders where the backup is getting sent to exists.  If they do not, create the backup path noted in the Errolog.