1. Select Reports, Attendance Reports, Student Attendance Report, New
2. On the General tab:
    a. Select the School, Year, Session, and Term
    b. Report Format: Detail - Show Attendance by: Class
    c. Mark the option Create an output query of students
3. On the Filters tab, select the attendance codes to be included (For Example: Absent, Tardy)
4. Save and name the report
5. Preview the report and name the static query of students when prompted
6. Close the preview

7. In the same report parameter, select the Filters tab and filter Students using the output query that was created in step 5
8. On the Format tab, select Detail and:
    a. Mark the option Include students by the number of attendance ___ accumulated and select Occurrences from the drop down menu
    b. Mark Minimum occurrences and enter the minimum number in order for the student to be included (for example, enter 5.00)
    c. Select 'in all classes' for Only include students meeting the specified values
    d. Select All attendance codes for Minimum and maximum apply to the accumulation of:
9. Select File, Save As and name the second report
10. Preview the report

This last preview will give you the list of students that have the minimum number or more (for example, 5) of the selected attendance codes for all of their classes combined. 

Note: Creating the output query for the second report preview is optional and not required.  It is recommended that the setup for each report is saved as two separate reports and that the output query be overwritten using the same query name each time the first report is run so that the user does not have to go in and change the report settings each time the report is needed in the future.

Note: The above steps will only work if the included attendance codes are marked to be used in calculations in Configuration, Attendance Codes, Class or Day attendance settings.  If the codes are not marked to be used in calculations, the calculation of attendance occurrences (selected in step 8 above) will not include those codes.  If the appropriate codes are not marked, they could be temporarily marked to be used in calcs and then unmarked again after the reports have been run.