To enter adjustments to Employee History:

1.  In Payroll/Personnel, Transaction Entry, open Enter Employee History.
2.  At Batch Total, enter the total dollar amount of your entries (this is optional, you can press Enter here to bypass; the system will calculate a total for you if you are entering dollars).
3.  At Employee, type the employee number.
4.  At History Date, type the date for which the history adjustment is effective using DD/MM/YY format.
5.  At Net Amount, type in the Net Amount of the entries you are going to make for the employee. This can also be bypassed until you are done entering data item amounts.
6.  A system generated Entry Number will appear. For each Entry Number, you will need to provide one (or in some cases more than one if adjusting taxes--please read on for explanation) of the following:

a.  Data Item - The name of the historical data item for which history is being adjusted (i.e.: SALARY, HOURLY, etc.). 
b.  Hours/Units  - The number of hours to adjust. This field is optional and would only be used if the data item uses hours. Press Enter to leave blank.  
c.  Amount - The dollar amount adjustment. If you are adjusting hours only, then this field can be left blank.  
d.  Basis Hrs/Units - The number of hours or units on which a data item is based.  
e.  Basis Amount - The dollar amount on which a data item is based. If you are entering history amounts for taxes, such as .FWT, you must enter a Basis Amount in order for taxes to calculate properly and for history to be correct for W-2’s!  You should look at previous history to determine which items have basis amounts or hours (or refer to the manual).

When you have completed entry, the next Entry Number will appear. At this point you can continue entering for the same employee, or you can press Esc to stop entry for the employee.

7.  Review the entries that show on the screen. If there are mistakes, correct by selecting A to add, C to change, or R to remove. When complete, select E to end and press Enter to accept.
8.  The system will check to see if the Net Amount entered in Step 5. equals the resultant net of your entries. If not, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can adjust the net by entering field 1 at Field to be changed or enter field 2 to adjust the entries. Press E to end and Enter to accept the changes.
9.  Type in the next employee number, then repeat Steps 4. through 8.

Note: If you accidentally press Esc too many times and get to the "Session" options, select C to continue and press Enter

10.  Select P to post. Press Enter

The system will check to see that your entries balance to the Batch Total entered in Step 2. If they do not, or if you did not enter a Batch Total, you will get a message at the bottom of the screen: "Balance to go not zero". If you used a Batch Total, select C to continue, press Enter, and review/adjust your entries. If you bypassed the Batch Total entry in Step 2., select B for batch, press Enter, and type in the offsetting entry. Press Enter.

11.  When satisfied that all entries are correct, select P to post. Press Enter.
12.  A PYEHIST.L## (## = your division number) detailing your entries will generate. Review the report for any discrepancies. You can also run Employee History reports or setup columnar reports to check the history balances.