Editing a page in NetCommunity and viewing a page in NetCommunity are actually two very different processes. Depending on what roles your users have been given and what rights those roles have, these parts may not display for you when the page is being viewed normally. In addition, parts can exist on a page, but not appear when viewed if they use scheduled publishing.

Follow the troubleshooting steps below:
  1. The part was cut from the page.
  2. The targeting & security for the part is preventing the user from viewing it. The roles on the targeting and security tab of the part will need to be compared to the roles assigned to the user. If there are no extra roles, ensure that the Everyone role checkbox is marked so that everyone can see the part.  
  3. Scheduled Publishing is enabled for the part. Parts can have an end date set up for them, so that they will not display on the page for viewers when that end date is reached. 
  4. The targeted language is not set to <All>. If the target language is set to a specific language, update the language to <All>.   
  5. Customizations made to CSS are conflicting with the part and preventing it from displaying.
  6. The part's Content Approval status is set to Draft
    • To resolve: Edit the part and confirm the Content Approval tab is set to a status of Published