1. The Login ID for the merchant account must be the case-sensitive CyberSource Merchant ID
  2. The Password is the case-sensitive password used to access the CyberSource Business Center for the merchant administrator login
  3. The Security Key is the CyberSource SOAP transaction security key
    • Please note that the SOAP transaction security keys can either be from the live business center or the test business center on CyberSource. Test SOAP keys will not function when the merchant account is set to a Live Process Mode and vice versa.
  4. The specific credit card payment processor can be obtained from “Merchant Information” menu option on the CyberSource web site
For instructions on adding a new merchant account, see How to add a merchant account to The Raiser's Edge or How do I connect Altru to Cybersource? Contact CyberSource for additional questions regarding any of these fields.

Raiser's Edge customers should inform CyberSource that they are using the Raiser's Edge so that CyberSource tech support can bypass the normal requirement of an email address on each transaction. Please request to use the Blackbaud Template.

Note: Fees may apply. Contact your account manager for more information.