Verify there is a valid backup of the division.
Have all users sign out of FundWare.

If there are any records in in the "Sys Rec" column, or if after reorging the records written are different than the number of data records, there could be a potential problem with the file.  If there are any questions on files with zero records or Error Messages in the Comment Column, please contact Blackbaud Fundware Support. Normally files with zero records are fine as they indicate an option you are not using on your system

  1. Browse to the Blackbaud FundWare directory and create a new folder called Maint.
  2. Open the new Maintenance folder and add 2 new folders:
    The typical paths for these new folders is: FundWare > Maint >Backup
    1. Backup
    2. Results
  3. From the FundWare folder, open the version folder, and then the Bin folder.
    Example path: C:\FundWare\7.50\Bin
  4. Within the Bin folder, find and open FileMaint.exe.
  5. The Data Directory path should default in to the FundWare directory.
  6. In the Backup Directory, browse to the newly created Backup folder in the Maint folder. 
  7. In the Results Directory, browse to the newly created Results folder in the Maint folder.
  8. In the Filter section, mark the radio button beside Division.
  9. Chose the correct division from the drop down menu.
  10. Click on the toolbar or select Maintenance -> Backup Files from the menu bar. A confirmation message displays.
  11. Click OK. Your files are backed up to the specified directory.
  12. Click on the toolbar and select Maintenance -> Reorg to Results Directory.
  13. Review the results in the detail pane.  The numbers in the Rec Wrt column should match those in the Data Rec column. The comments should be Reorg Complete for any files that were not skipped.
  14. If the results of the reorg are correct, click on the toolbar or select Maintenance -> Copy Files From Results to Data Directory.

If more detailed instructions are needed, or not reorging the full division, refer to How to Reorg With FileMaint.exe (detailed version).