1. Communications > Email.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the New Email Group window, perform the following steps:
    • For Name of Email Group, enter a name for the campaign. This name will appear in the email campaign list. You can enter up to 250 characters in this field.
    • For Event Record Access, select which virtual accounts will have access to the campaign. The system’s default settings are already selected.
    • For Group Description, enter a brief description.
    • The Owner Name field shows the name of the user who is logged into Sphere.
    • For Campaign Name, select a campaign.
      When you select a campaign, you automatically create an appeal within the Campaign Manager which uses the name of the email campaign entered in the Name of Email Group field as the name of the appeal.
    • ForInitiative Type, select the type of initiative you are associating with the email campaign.
    • For Initiative, select the initiative.
      If you associate an initiative with the email campaign, the receiver list search folder will default to display the corresponding contacts.
    • The Enable check box is selected by default to automatically add organizational address information to the footer of the campaign’s mailings.
    • Select the Populate from account address checkbox to pull your account’s organizational contact information into the footer of the email. Complete any required fields which do not automatically populate.
    • Contact Name shows the name of the user who is logged into Sphere.
    • Mailing Address: Non Profit Organization, P.O. Box 123, San Diego, CA, 92121
    • For Custom Footer, enter text to appear above the default footer.
    • For Select Footer Links, make your selection as follows (you can select more than one option):
      • Unsubscribe me from this mailing check box is selected by default. This allows recipients to unsubscribe from future mailings for this email campaign. If you configured an “Opt-Out email/eNewsletter” Form, select the one you want to use. Otherwise, Sphere will use the default form.
      • Select the Unsubscribe me from all mailings for this account check box to allow recipients to unsubscribe from all future mailings from your account. If you configured an “Opt-Out All emails” Form, Sphere will use the options you selected. Otherwise, Sphere will use the default configuration.
      • Select the Modify my profile check box to allow recipients to update their own contact information using the Modify My Profile form. This feature helps keep your supporter data current.
      •  Select the Add From email address to address book check box to allow recipients to add the sender email address to their address book. This adds a message to the bottom of messages, encouraging your supporters to add the sender to their list of safe senders. This feature helps the email to arrive in the recipient’s email inbox and not the bulk mail folder.
    • Click Save.
    The email campaign mailing page appears so that you can create individual email messages.