In order for reports to go to a specific folder for a user, the path must be setup in two locations.  Here are the steps:

1.  Set the report path in User Security

      1.  Log into Division 00 (System Administration)
      2.  Click the plus sign the left of Security.
      3.  Click on Users.
      4.  Click on the User in question in the list on the right.
      5.  Click the Edit button.
      6.  Enter the path (or click the browse button) to the folder where the reports should be placed.  Path cannot exceed 24 characters.
      7.  Verify the report path does not end with a (\) backslash
      8.  Click OK.

2.  Set the report path in the Print Manager

      1.  Open Print Manager by clicking on File > Print Manager while logged into any Division other than 00.
      2.  Select File > Set Report Directory.
      3.  Select the folder that was entered into the Path on the users profile.
      4.  Click OK.

Note: The report path in step 1 and the report path in step 2 MUST match!