The Division Backup or restore needs to be performed with no one in the FundWare Division but will usually take less than 3 minutes, depending on the size of the data.
  1.  Login to division 00 System Administration
  2.  Select Division Maintenance and highlight the division you wish to backup.
  3.  Click backup and a folder with the following naming convention will be created: AFW##_DateandTimeofBackup. The folder is created in Fundware\Data\Backup.

If the backup of the division will be sent to Blackbaud FundWare Support for testing, use a Zip program to compress the files before adding to the FTP folder.

Once a Division has been backed up, it can be restored just as easily.
  1. Highlight the Division
  2. Click Restore and select the correct back up in the pop up window
  3. Click Apply and OK

Note: The Restore button will only be activated if the division has a backup.   The backups should be deleted periodically when no longer needed or moved off the system.

Instructions for complete system backups are under our Knowledgebase document on How to backup and restore using your formal backup system.