If revenue and expense account balances are rolling forward, try the following steps until it is correct:

1.  Complete the Post Revenue & Expense process.  The process  defaults to Preview (No Posting) box, which allows you to review your projected results.  When you are confident that your Closing ID is correct, repeat the process but remove the Preview checkmark. The post creates a Closing Trace report.  Roll your balances forward to complete the Year-End Process.

2.  If you are looking at a report for the last period in the year and it does not show zero balances for the Revenue and Expense accounts, it will not display.  Posting Revenue and Expense to Fund Balance posts to the Closing Period.  The Financial reports are reporting on detail periods 1 thru 12.  Select the closing period option on reports, if available, to see the close amounts.

3.  Verify all periods are unlocked for the year you are processing for.  To verify this, from GL, Lock Periods/Years to Posting, look at the year end date in this screen and make sure Status is Unlocked.  If the Status is Locked or Partially Locked, it must be changed to Unlocked.

If only one or a few Revenue and Expense account balances are rolling forward:

1.  Verify the attribute and update if necessary to RE or EX. 
2. Perform the Year-End Post and Roll again.