This error could be encountered if you have the Allow Transfer option set to Yes in the Stage set up for the PAID and RECONCILED stages.  Follow the below steps in order to resolve this error message:

1.  Have all users exit and sign out of Fundware and ensure a valid backup of the division exists.  Backups can be created within division maintenance.  How to create a backup of a division?
2.  Open Accounts Payable > Setup > Master Records > Stages.
3.  Select C to C)hange.
4.  Enter stage 60 or the number appropriate for your PAID stage.
5.  Type 6 as the field to be changed and modify Allow Transfer option to be NO.
6.  Press Enter until you are prompted to Enter field to be changed (0 to accept).
7.  Press Enter.
8.  Enter stage 70 or the number appropriate for your Reconciled stage.
9.  Repeat steps 5 through 7.
10. Press Esc (escape) and E(nd).