1. In Accounts Payable, select Open and highlight the Approved for Payment folder.
  2. Highlight individual invoices, or all, and click Mark for Pay.
  3. Select the correct bank account in the drop down menu and click OK.
  4. Under Disbursements, select the Bank and then the Marked for Payment folder.
  5. Click Post to move the invoices to the Marked for Pay folder.
  6. Highlight the Marked for Pay folder and click the Chk Writing button in the bottom right.
  7. The check writing screen appears.
  8. Verify the information on the Preliminary Check Writing tab.
  9. Go to the Produce Checks tab and verify check numbering.
  10. Click Product Checks button.
  11. When the Log Check Numbers tab appears, assign Physical Check Numbers starting with...
  12. Click Assign and then Post.
  13. A batch is created and the checks are successfully logged in the Register.
  14. Click Done.
    Note: Nothing has physically printed at this point.
  15. Select File, Print Manager and open the OTCK file.
  16. Click the Print button to print to the check stock.
    Note: There is no flag or notification saying the check was physically printed.