1. Verify the account specified on the requisition is valid and open. To check the account status go to General Ledger, Records, Accounts, Open an Account, Find the account number and verify the inactive/active felid is set to Active. If you are not able to locate the account, then search for inactive accounts. If you are still not able to locate the account, then add the desired account number.

2. Verify the account is being used within the budget that is being checked. From the account record, select the budget tab, select the correct Scenario ID and Start fiscal year. Verify there is a budget defined for this account in this Scenario ID. If the account does not have a budget defined, then add the account to the budget.

3. Verify the correct budget  that is being checked is defined correctly in Configuration.  To verify go to Accounts Payable, Configuration, Business Rules,Highlight General and make sure the correct Scenario ID is defined.