1.  Verify there are dollars which should, in fact, roll forward by running an ACDTL report.  Dollars posted to a reclass journal will not roll forward.
2.  Verify the account has a valid attribute such as Asset, Liability or Fund Balance and is not set to Descriptive.
3.  If the above looks good and there are dollars not rolling, use FileMaint.exe to reorg the division cs* files.
4. Make a .01 debit and credit entry to an asset or liability account on the last day of the fiscal year. (this will force the roll flag to be reset).
5. Be sure and check any trace reports generated, as they may have an error message at the top  that will stop the roll from going through. In this case it usually generates a trace report as cs0000.L## instead of a valid trace report number.

Be sure and run a trial balance in the new year when done to make sure all is in balance.