To create the error log file :

1. In FundWare, open Division 00 System Administration > System Utilities.
2. Click the Process Error Log button on the right.
NOTE: This will process the SYE file (System Error File) into the file.
The SYE files will be removed from the DATA folder after they are converted into the file.

To view the error log file:

1. In FundWare, select File > Print Manager
2. In the Open window, make sure the Look in field is looking in the FundWare\Data folder and change the Files of Type dropdown to Worksheets (*.ws)
3. Locate and open
NOTE: The file is a running list of errors, listed chronologically.

To problem solve, you will need the File name and the Stat number from the error. 
In the example below, the File is 02OTA, and the Stat is 23.
Many errors have solutions in Knowledgebase.  If you cannot find a solution in Knowledgebase, please contact FundWare Support for additional troubleshooting steps.

Example of the error log file:
02/12/10 @ 13:22 File: 02OTA Open: N Stat: 23 0000 Mode: R
Pgm: OCWS806R Rev: 7.40sp4 From: OTS800 Switches: NNNNNNNNNN
User: 1100 - Div: 02 Line: 1447

We DO NOT suggest deleting this file.