This document is to be used as a guideline to what may be a Cobol and Fundware file limit.

There have been a few cases where clients were having problems in posting and it was determined some of the files were at their size limitation.  The system was showing a 9024 error on the pyl in one case and on the csk others. The ##pyl file holds payroll check history detail and the ##csk file holds General Ledger transaction detail.  Over time these files can get quite large due to the volume of transactions processed.

More records may be allowed if the record size is smaller, but it is the files above we have noticed will stop posting if they are around 6,500,000 records.

FileMaint.exe can be used to find the total number of data records.  In all cases, if either the csk file or the pyl are approaching the limit, purging must be done. If the files are allowed to reach this limit, no further posting can be done without purging.