1. Determine the Aatrix Histories file location on the New and Old workstation:

a. Open the workstations Documents and Settings folder (normally C:\Documents and Settings)
b. In the address field delete the current address and enter "%temp%", then Go.
c. Select to open the Aatrix Temp folder.
d. Select to open the Config.ini file.
e. Look for the "Company Dir" line as this is the path to the Aatrix history folder on the workstation.
*Example Path:  C:\Documents and Settings\DustinGut\Local Settings\Application Data\Aatrix Software\Aatrix Forms\Blackbaud\11-2233445\Histories

2. Copy the Histories file from the Old workstation to the New workstation and replace / overwrite all files when prompted
3. Launch The Financial Edge > Payroll > Mail > State and Federal Tax Reports and select the Tax Report History tab.  All Aatrix history files from the previous workstation should now be available to View/Print, Edit, or Remove on the new workstation.