Produce an allocation definition report and an allocation trace report:

 1.  Sign in to FundWare
 2.  In Allocation Management, select Open... from the menu
 3.  Select the Preview/Post Allocations tab and highlight the allocation name
 4.  Verify there is a check mark in the Preview only and Calc trace report box click OK

These steps will allow the AMTRCE.L# and AMPOST.L# reports to produce after following the steps below.  These reports will usually only be effective if the final allocation has not yet been run, or if there are additional dollars for the next month still in the Accounts on the allocation. If you did not get the AMTRCE or AMPOST report, look for an AMPERR report as it may show a reason nothing produced.

 5.  Go to Allocation Management, Allocation Tables List
 6.  For Div/Toolbox, enter "D" for Division
 7.  For Allocation/Grp, enter "A" for allocation and type in the allocation name, or accept the defaults to print for all allocations.
 8.  For Report Level, enter "D" for detail
 9.  The name of this report is AMDEFS.L#  (where # is your Division number)

These reports can be used to see what is happening in the allocation.  If  further assistance is needed, please open a Support Call to continue the issue with an Analyst.