Ensure the correct letter type has been selected. 

1. Go to Configuration > Letters.
2. Highlight Gift.
3. All Gift letter types should be listed by their letter description.  If not, create a new Gift letter type in Configuration > Letters.
4. Additionally, ensure the correct letter type was created. For example, if you will need to print a letter from a gift record, ensure that the letter is created from Configuration, Letters, Gifts.  If it was created under Configuration, Letters, Constituents, it will not display for a gift record.

If the letter or letters were deleted in error, and you need access to the text for those letters, you can:
1. Restore to a back-up from before the letter was deleted.
2. If this is not possible, install a standalone and use the back-up to find the letter.  Use copy/paste to Word to copy the template from the back-up to more easily recreate the letter's text in the current database.