If the record was not Auto-Matched to an existing Raiser's Edge record:
  1. In The Raiser's Edge, click the Sphere button/plug-in
  2. Click the Sign Up Requests link
  3. Select or highlight the constituent record
  4. If the record is not already matched, or linked, click Create New>Edit and Create
  5. In the pop up, edit all appropriate fields
  6. Click Save and Close.  Updated information should now show in the teal box.
  7. Process the Transaction.
    • Reject any Profile updates as desired (what is listed in The Raiser's Edge value column is what you made the manual changes to and want to process.  Other values, you may wish to reject.)

For Auto-Matched Sign-Up Request transactions:

  1. Click the Open button
  2. In the pop up, make any necessary changes
  3. Click Save and Close 
Note: Both of these options will allow you to edit the constituent record before processing the requests. You will also have those same options when processing Donations Transactions. However, you will not be able to edit the gift information prior to loading the gift into The Raiser's Edge.