?What forms do I need for W2's?

  • You may get forms from any supplier. Forms can also be purchased through Blackbaud Forms  to ensure they are compatible with FundWare.  Tax forms can be purchased from other vendors, but the compatibility cannot be guaranteed. The Blackbaud Forms team can be contacted at 866.422.3676 or by email at forms@blackbaud.com.

Please keep the following in mind when purchasing tax forms:

  • You must use a laser printer, therefore, the forms must be laser printer compatible.
  • FundWare only supports the use of blank forms. All information including the gridlines will print on the form.

Forms available through Blackbaud are:

1099 forms
  • Form L99BLANK3 (blank 3-up form with side perforation). 
  • Envelope  E99DWS (self-seal double window). 
  • Envelope  E99DW (double window).  
W2 forms
  • Form LW2BLANK4 (blank 4-up form with instructions) 
  • Envelope ELW2DW4S(self-seal double window)        
  • Envelope ELW2DW4 (double window) 
Processing W2's :
  • The forms are printed from the View/Print W-2 Forms under W-2 Processing instead of the FundWare Print Manager or Forms Manager.
  • For version 7.30 and Forward,  View/Print W-2 Forms will be accessible from within the W-2 Processing options.
  • For version 7.20 and prior, the YESB for 2014 will not be compatible.  You will need to update to a later version.
  • W2 copy 1 -- for State, City, or Local tax department is available from View/Print W-2 Forms.

How to file the copy A for W2's?

  • FundWare does not support filing copy A manually - you must file electronically with the SSA (Social Security Administration)

How do I file  W2's electronically?

  • Contact the SSA for specific instructions on filing electronically.
  • You must obtain a PIN from the SSA before transmitting.
  • To obtain a PIN, go to www.socialsecurity.gov/bso/bsowelcome.htm or call 1-800-772-6270.
  • FundWare will generate an electronic file, named W2REPORT you can transmit to the SSA. 
  • For first time electronic filers, please see the W2 user guides on our website www.blackbaud.com or on your system under Fundware\data\User Documentation.

I registered last year with the SSA and obtained a PIN.

  • If you registered with the SSA and obtained a PIN and filed your W2s electronically last year, you do not have to register again.

The employee who obtained a PIN last year has left the organization.

  • The SSA issues the PIN to an individual, and not the organization.
  • If a different employee will be transmitting W2s electronically this year, they must obtain a PIN from the SSA.
Will processing W2 in my test division affect the payroll that is being processed today?
  • Processing in test divisions does not impact what is going on in the live division.
  • We encourage our payroll clients to copy their live data to a test division when trying something new.
  • W2 processing in the live division generally does not impact payroll or other processing.
  • The extract and produce tasks can be performed as many times as necessary.

              - Each extract is a fresh start.

Where do I have to be in payroll processing to test or produce W2s?

  • It is not necessary to finish payroll processing for the year before testing out the W2 procedures. W2s do not need to be processed prior to producing payrolls for the new year. Payroll processing for the new year has no impact on W2 processing for the previous year. The W2 extraction is date driven and run for 12/31/2014. All W2 processing works off an extraction of the payroll data and does not change the live payroll files in any way.

How Can I verify the figures extracted to the W2s?

Users should review the Payroll Employee History by Period Report prior to processing W2s. This report summarizes the activity for all of the payrolls produced for the tax year.

  • The totals page of this report (when produced for all employees) is the starting point for Users to consider which items in the payroll need to be reported on the W2. The report should be run for reporting date 12/31/2014, using period option A-Total for year with beginning balances.

How do I get something to report in box XX?

  • Refer to the "mapping" chart in the W2 user guide.

These manuals are available for download on the support website and are on your system under Fundware\Data\User Documentation.

The Preliminary W2 does not look anything like the form.
  • That is correct - the Preliminary W2 is an editing tool and not a preview of the actual form.
  • Open the form through View/Print form to preview the forms.
How do I produce a W2 electronic file for my state?
  • If the user is from a state that has income tax (most states), they will produce two(2) electronic files:

              - The first file is for Tax Entity=US.
              - The second file is for Tax Entity=their state code + RS Records = Y.

  • You may also print W2 copy 1 from Forms Manager to send to your State instead of filing electronically if they will accept paper copies.

W2 electronic file rejected by the SSA or Accuwage.

  • The single most common cause for the SSA to reject a file is the user transmits the verification report that is produced (SSAVER.L##) instead of the file (W2REPORT).
  • The most common cause for Accuwage errors is the user pressing [enter] and accepting all of the defaults when the file is produced.

What about W2Cs?

  • The W-2C is a correction form W2.
  • FundWare does not support W2C processing- W2C's must be completed manually.
  • Therefore, it is best to file electronically, which has a later due date, which will allow employees an extra month to report any W2 errors.
  • A W2C is required only if an error is reported AFTER the employer files with the SSA.
  • W2C filing is available from the SSA at www.ssa.gov/employer.  Select the 'Form W-2c/W-3c Instructions' link on the BSO home page.

What is the process for producing a W3?

  • The W3 Report is not available in FundWare as it is not needed when filing electronically. 
  • For Report purposes, an Employee History by Period can be used.